Expression to share functions

Can you tell me the expression to share functions? I know you can share functions to make something follow something else by clicking the function curve>Bezier>(object with shared functions)>(obj)_Pos_x, but I want to add some more control to it with an expression instead.

I’ve tried the expression
value( column(“pegA_Pos_x”))

which works but only after you move pegA, whereas sharing the functions you see pegB following in real time. This is what i would like to do, I move one object (pegA) and the other (pegB) follows in real time while I am moving pegA. function

Have a look at the section called “share functions”, it’s a simpler way to do it.

Yes, as I said in the opening post, it is easy enough to do it by simply sharing functions. However there are some things I would like to do differently and have a little more control over how moving PegA affects the resulting movement in PegB that I can do with expressions. Using the expression value( column(“pegA_Pos_x”)) with code added to it does accomplish this, but the problem is it will only make PegB move after completing a move with PegA. PegB’s movement doesn’t update while I’m moving PegA as it would if I simply shared the functions. How would I be able to do this with an expression? Link attributes?

Hey, Toon Boom Team! Can I get an answer for this? The only answer you provided was a technique I obviously know how to do! I just want to know the expression to share functions so that it updates in real time! C’mon, people have been asking you this for years and you guys never answer! All of your competition (AE, Anime Studio Pro) has this code in their syntax and shares it freely, it’s like rigging 101 now.