expression to follow the X value a 3D peg


I’m trying to make an expression, or have some way of following only the x value of a 3D peg.

Let me try to explain what I want to do.
I have a cut out character, whose master peg is a 3D peg, so I can see and edit the trajectory of his jump, for instance. How can I connect the shadow (a simple ellipse) to the character , in a way that when he jumps, the shadow follows his movement, but only the x values, so it stays on the ground?

The problem is that when I share the functions of my 3D peg, I see the column with the x values on the x sheet, but when I make an expression like value(“master_peg x”) ToonBoon gives me an warning sayint that it can’t find the column.

Is there a way of doing it whitout having to animate the shadow by hand?

Thanks in advance.


as far as i know, you have to change the master peg from 3D to separate position values. doing this will also wipe out any position animation you may have on the peg so heads up. however im sure there are coders out there who know how to dive into a 3D pegs values, but again that’s beyond me.

at this point if you dont want to lose any position animation on the master peg and if the shadow is simply an oval under his feet, my suggestion is to just track a shadow by hand. i do this quite often and it only takes a few minutes.

The problem in transforming the peg from 3D into Separate, is that you loose the path. If the character jumps forward, his path is an arch. Separate only have straight lines, so to do the arch with separate peg, you’ll need to fill the timeline with keyframes and it will not be good.
This way, is easier to animate the shadow by hand, as you said.

they are interpolated initially as straight paths if you have separate values, but if you add some ease to Y at the top of the jump you’ll get your arc. hope that helps!

Thanks man!
I didn´t kney that!
I thought that Separate would always produce straight lines!
That solves the problem!