Expression Envy

Expressions don’t work at all in Harmony the way I would expect. I come from a 3D background, so maybe I’m just thinking about them the wrong way.

When a function curve is shared, a slave’s transform follows the master, which is what you would expect. Move the master, the slave follows.

The relationship is 1:1

I assumed expressions were a way to get some math in-between that relationship so that you could set-up some complex rigging. For example, have the slave move a percentage of the master, or in a negative direction. (Coming from 3D, this is done all the time)

With Harmony expressions, you can do that, but the relationship is not persistent. You need to set keys on the master and then scrub the timeline to see the slave follow. And if you change the keyframes on the master after the expression has been set. The change does not update. The slave is still following the keyframes that were set when the expression was first invoked.

So, I’m puzzled as to why it was set-up this way. What is the primary purpose of expressions in Harmony?

Expressions can be an extremely powerful and time-saving tool for rigging, but the current implementation is unusable. Again, I may be missing something here, and if so, if someone could set me straight on this, it would be greatly appreciated.