Expression column and Exposure


I’m trying to use the expression columns in order to synchronise the exposure of two columns (a mouth and its lightning), I want the exposure of one to change with the other so the animator does not have to animate the layers separatly.

I was hoping for a function as “LayerXXX_Pos_x” but for exposure, something as “LayerXXX_exposure”.

Does anyone has a tip?

Hi .S_L.,

indeed, unfortunately, the exposure attribute of one layer can’t be connected to the exposure of another layer. That’s a great pitty as otherwhise you would have been able to syncronize your mouth and your lightning layer without even having to try to write an expression (which, as you figured out yourself is not possible for that attribute.)

But, what you could do is:

  • create the lightning of your mouth on the overlay level of you mouth drawing (the same layer and drawing as your mouth)
  • in the node view use two Layer Selectors underneath your mouth layer
    • in the 1rst check Overlay
    • in the 2nd check Line Art, Colour Art and Undelay

Here is the documentation for Layer Separators:

Each Layer Selector works like a independent node that you could link to any other element in the node view.

Thanks again Stefman,

There is only you to answer me :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I was thinking, so sad.

My problem was that my mouth is already using all the layers of the layer, from OL to UL. I’ll try to find another way.

Thanks anyway.

I’m not sure that I’m understanding your question correctly
but there is an easier way. Go to the Xsheet window and
copy the cel labels from the mouth element and paste
into the lightning? layer.

Alternately, if you’re using automatic lip assignment,
you can set the correspondence of both layers to the
same audio file as long as the cel labels of the two
layers match each other and the mouth shape listing.