Exposure annoyance

Hi everybody.

This may be a really silly question to you guys, but could someone please tell me how to stop Animate filling in all the blank frames between two keys?

It’s a pain because I like to draw my keys roughly where I want them on the timeline rather than drawing them all together and them moving them. The problem I have is that every time I want to draw a new drawing between to keys I have to delete a frame first. Needless to say it’s slowing my workflow somewhat.


David :slight_smile:

Hi davidious

There are many ways to work. It can be nice that the empty space is filled in to give a fluent playback. When you want to add in a new drawing between, mark the frame in the timeline and:
One way is to have the library Drawing Substitution window open and drag the cursor all to the left. This will create an empty drawing and leave the frames to next drawing empty.
Another is to use the duplicate drawing command. Right click the frame in the timeline -Drawing - Duplicate Drawing. Just erase all or parts before drawing the new one.This will leave the frames to next drawing filled with the new one.

In the Exposure sheet - create empty drawing. This will do exactly as you want.
You can reach it by right click the cell Drawing - Create Empty Drawing, or from the exposure sheet toolbar.
For this you can also mark any cell in sheet or timeline and use the shortcut Alt Shift R.(on mac)
Other things to explore for similar possibilities are the -Paste Special preferences.

Best regards

Hi Ivaar,

That duplicate drawing works nicely. The best of both worlds almost. I think I’ll change the shortcut to something a little nicer and quicker though.

Thanks very much for your help.

David :slight_smile: