Expose Sheet - XTimeline?

I am new to TBS and Animate Pro, put them away a few years ago and got them not for work but for some creative outlet in animation… and now I am breaking them out to play with.

I am new to animation (2D) and using TBS v6. I tried to look at the exposure sheet and wanted to name my fields to reflect what I wanted to call them… especially since this is recommended in the TBS Workout tutorials I purchased, but I quickly found that whenever I did that, then NEXT field on the drawing column, frame, would rename itself.

How do I control this, or is there a setting that is ‘auto’?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I can’t answer for sure for TBS (unfortunately that’s a whole different code, but I can ask around for the answer).

In Animate Pro, when you double-click on a cell in the XSheet and put in a new value, what it’s actually doing is it’s replacing the current drawing with a new drawing with that new name. Or, if a drawing with that name already exists, then it calls up that drawing.

Let’s say my cell is named 2. If I double-click it and type in Cat-2, then it looks to see if a drawing called Cat-2 exists already. If it does, it displays that image. If it doesn’t, it creates it.

If you want to rename 2 to Cat-2, then you should right-click on the cell, and do a Drawing > Rename Drawing. This will allow you now to rename the cell.

We did it this way because people using a traditional XSheet methodology often like to fill in all the values for the scene first before drawing. Also, it makes it easy to swap drawings in when doing things like lip-sync.