Hi Toon Boomers.
I’m doing some tests exporting my scenes. So far I have exported a PNG Image Sequence. The PNG’s look good. I imported the PNG Image Sequence into After Effects, then exported a Quicktime movie with no compression. The problem I have seems to be with Interlacing. I have noticed on the export sub-menu in TB that there is an Interlacing option. Should that box be ticked when exporting an Image Sequence? Would PSD be a better option for Image Sequence than PNG? Any tips on dealing with interlacing would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


Well I can’t say it is better though you may get data in a rawer format in PSD/TGA then in PNG. This being said it is also a matter of how compressed you want to have your movie.

What is the exact behavior you are getting when importing the sequence in After Effects for I am not quite sure of what is the result you have a the moment which you want to avoid.

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