I cant Export movies… Anytime i try to export movies it stops working.Im runnning on windows 7

It does it right away… Its a hand drawn sketchy walk cycle…I made it last 160 frames though is that the probleam…

Does it stop working right away, or when you get partway through your movie? How long is the movie that you’re trying to export? You may be running out of memory part way through.

You can always export smaller chunks and edit them together.

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No that shouldn’t be the problem. If it doesn’t render right away, then that means something is not right in your configuration, not that you’re running out of memory.

What codec are you using when you export movie? If you’re using H.264, then make sure that you set the codec to Keyframes: All in your Movie Options.

If you’re using another codec, then let me know what codec you’re using.

If you have problems and I’m not helping you fast enough on here, feel free to email support@toonboom.com