hello I would like to know something about harmony.
in which format Can I export a video ? I mean in which format I can exporta a video enough good for television??

If you’re working professionally for television you will work with an editing software, so what matters is the format in which you will export your finished/edited project, in Premiere, Final Cut, etc.

That said, you can export Quicktime of WMV files from Harmony and you can also export a number of image sequence formats which you can use to export for your editing software. The “format” for television should be set in Harmony in terms of frames per second (24 in North America, 25 in Europe, for instance) and resolution (HD, 4K, etc.). The “format” in terms of file and compression will depend on what the television station or studio requires.

In Harmony you’ll be able to set whatever format required for a TV of cinema production. Just don’t try to make the final edit inside Harmony, which is not an editing software, but work shot by shot (or “scene” by “scene”) then edit your shots on an editing software.