Exporting with Animate 2 PLE

Animate 2 PLE only lets me export with 24 fps. I set the frame rate in the project and it looked fin, but when I exported it, it ignored it. I went into the export settings and found how to change the frame rate, but after exporting, it ignored that, too. Is PLE limited to 24 fps?


Nope - it will export to any FPS. Just make sure that you set the FPS in the Scene Settings dialog. Go to Scene > Scene Settings. Then input your FPS in the “Frame per second” section.

If you had typed an FPS into the playback toolbar in the software, that affects the FPS of playback, but not of export. The reason this can be handy is that you might want to temporarily just slow down the FPS in order to check your animation, but you don’t want your final render to be affected.

Setting the FPS in the Quicktime Settings won’t affect the FPS of your scene. There are some properties of the Quicktime Settings that we can’t use. The Quicktime export that we do uses Quicktime’s interface, which we can’t change to customise for our software. The way that you should do it is always to set your resolution and FPS in the Scene Settings dialog.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

Thanks, that definitely helped.