exporting with a transparent background

I am having real trouble doing this.

I am sure I am just missing something simple. I have tried all the different options in the write module and i seem to just get flat images.

I want to image to be seperate to the background cause I am going to put them into an iphone game!

Just export as a PNG4 image sequence. This retains the alpha channel which is transparent for areas that don’t have an image.

Oh I was trying TGA4 I will give PNG4 a go.

PNG4 works great!

I wonder why TNG4 doesn’t ???

Oh well at least I have my solution. I appreciate you helping me to overcome my stupidity :slight_smile:

On the bright said I will have some samples to post soon once the agreement is signed :slight_smile:

So I open the TGA4 in photoshop how do you find it?

That said I am happy using PNG4 I am just curious now :slight_smile:

Does it work in Animate 2 Pro Student Version?
I set my OpenGL to export in PNG4 but my background is still in black.
I open my image on Photoshop, but it is not transparent, too.

It happens because this student version?

you aren’t using a black colour card are you?

I don’t know…
What is this black colour card?

a colour card is a way to make a background in Animate. Since you don’t know what it is I assume you didn’t do it!

If your background is black (you drew a background) then it won’t show as transparent. It will only show if there is nothing there.

Also make sure you export network.

The OpenGL export can’t export transparency can it? I think, you always have to use the write node and render network in Animate Pro/Harmony

I got it!
I just changed the drawing type to PNG4 in the layer properties on the write node in the Network window. =)

To do this, you must enable the project’s alpha layers, which contain the image’s transparency information.
You can follow these steps:
1.Make the background layers invisible. In many programs you accomplish this by clicking the visibility icon next to each layer.
2.Check the Channels palette to make sure that your image has an alpha channel. If it does not, add one. For example, in Photoshop, you can create a new channel, then paint the transparent sections of your image black. Photoshop will save this as alpha information.
3.Export the image with a file extension of .gif, .pict, .pixar, .png, .psd, .tiff, .tga, or .pdf 1.4 or later. These are the only commonly used file formats that support transparency.

CAD Drawings

TGA4 gives an alpha channel component. Transparency shows up as black, but the alpha channel is there.


If you look at the channels tab in Photoshop, then you’ll see the alpha channel there. You can Ctrl+click on the alpha channel to then remove the black.

If you open those TGA files in an editing software like Premiere, it automatically processes the alpha channel and removes the black.