Exporting video from Animate Pro - washed out quicktime problem?

So when I go to export my movie from animate pro it comes out looking very washed out no matter what codec or format I use other than .swf

I’m aware of the quicktime gamma shift problem and that is what I seem to be experiencing. I don’t have quicktime pro just the player and I really don’t want to have to shell out the $30 just to export my animations.

Any help would be much appreciated as I’m baffled how I will ever get any of my projects rendered at all. This is happening just the same even with my Flash projects.


I should add that I am on a Mac OSX 10.6.8 so I can’t even export my Flash animations as avi just to test.

We generally use Quicktime to render everything, and it is rather a Quicktime issue. Basically what it’s doing is trying to compress the files, and in the process some of the quality of the colours is compromised.

If you render out still images, there is no compression done to those images, and you can process them then in a video editing software and see whether you can get some better codecs from them. Or you can try rendering uncompressed, but the file size will be quite large.


I personally disagree that this is an issue with compression. If you search the internet for Quicktime Gamma shift you’ll find lots of people experiencing the same issues.

When I encode a video on the PC using mp4 or H264 I don’t get the same colour issues at all but everything I render via quicktime on my mac seems to look washed out. If you select PHOTO-JPG this doesn’t happen so it’s worth using this as an option in animate pro and then convert the video afterwards although this may degrade quality. There is a known fix but you need to own Quicktime Pro to achieve it. Some suggested X264 but for me that just crashes Animate.

I’m still looking into this and if I find a good solution I’ll post it here. But I now understand everyones frustrations.

Hi there,

I animated in 3DS Max for years and get a similar issue, its to do with the Codec- always quicktime and the compression like the first poster said. Maybe try and change the codec, export type? Failing that, bring in something like K-Lite codec pack to try and give yourself a greater range of codecs.

Best of luck.

I believe its a problem with the Quicktime player. Try opening the same video in Safari and you’ll see the washing out isnt nearly as bad.

To open it in Safari, right click on the movie file and select “open with” and “Other”

Enable “all applications” at the bottom and select Safari. It will give you a little warning about not knowing if this application can open your video file, but it can.

Also try just uploading to youtube. I believe it should return the saturation to its normal level after it converts it.