Exporting Vector artwork to Illustrator

I’m absolutely loving the drawing tools in Animate, far more than illustrators currently. However you can’t seem to get that vector linework over into illustrator (or at least with any ease).

This would be such a handy feature I’m surprised its not available! is there any chace of something like this being in animate in the future?

Hi Lucy!
You can do this…
I export an swf and then convert it to an illustrator file using flash. There can be funky color problems with this workflow. I’d prefer a more direct easier export option like SVG. But it does work and it’s not that big of a deal… especially for one image. Of course you need FLASH for this… so if you don’t have it… well… I’m not sure what another option would be?

hi guys, thanks for the replies.

Yes, i’ve taken to importing via flash, as ive got several illustrations i would rather work up in toon boom than illustrator.

it is a shame that the tools of animate do not translate well into illustrator, would love to have my colour art and line art all seperate on layers in illustrator!

Currently the only vector output we have is the SWF. What vector formats can Illustrator import? PDF? SVG? We’ve added a PDF export to Harmony but it’s limited in what it can export because those vector formats don’t understand all the things that we can do - I would have to double-check what the limitations are. But you’re right, this is not currently available in Animate. I have already submitted a feature request on this one, and I think there’s probably a good chance of it being in Animate in the future, but I can’t say that for certain.