Exporting troubles

I am having trouble exporting my video. whenever i export it it becomes zoomed in into one place and i dont know how to fix it. so if you have any pointers then that would be very helpful

Go into "camera view"

Move the red frame indicator in your timeline to frame 1.

Select the Camera timeline track.

Now using the [ S ] key on your keyboard step through your animation one frame at a time.

Watch inside the “camera” view rectangle to see what the camera is viewing.

If you get to a frame where the camera view doesn’t look the way you expected it to look then that is the frame where your problem begins. And you can fix it. Most likely a keyframe setting on one of your tracks.

If all the frames look fine when you step through your animation one frame at a time then the problem is in your export render settings.

So the next time you try to export, check your render settings to see what you are asking TBS to do when it renders. Be sure you aren’t asking it to do a partial render, or to render the x-sheet or something like that. -JK