exporting troubles

I’m working 720x540 24fps and I’ve tried many export settings, animation compression, uncompress, various image sequences trying to get clean vector lines like TV animation.

this is one of the export frames from a png sequence. does it look pixelated to you? it does to me.
the background was drawn in toonboom, so it’s all vectors, and should be nice and clean right?
i’m running toonboom 3.5 on os x

I thought that it could possibly just be the fault of my monitor(1024x768 13 inch powerbook screen) but when I burn to dvd on dvdstudio pro, it’s got jagged lines there too. i export using compressor’s best quality 90 minute dvd setting…

how can I achieve the nice clean vector line output of TV/dvd quality?

anyone? ??? ???

Well, If you are using DV NTSC (720 x 540) in Studio, please use 30 fps…

I guess, using DVD-Studio Pro, you have Final Cut Studio installed…?
(and with it all the “Pro-Codecs as well…?)

Export your movie from Studio in one of the available “Pro-Codecs” or at least
in AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) in the same settings… and size…
This would be in your case “NTSC 720 x 480 4:3”

(the different sizes are the use of square and non-square pixels (computer vs. video)).

Either import those movies into Final Cut Pro (Easy set-up, the same as above)
for further editing…, or import those into DVD-Pro…

(unfortunately I don’t have Final Cut Studio, still using Express 3.5,
so can’t advise here any further…)


i have final cut pro 5 which doesn’t have the pro-codecs, but image sequences should look better right? but right now my problem is just exporting out of toonboom. that still from the png sequence was exported out of toonboom. it shouldn’t look pixilated, should it?

additional details:
renderer is quartz 2d
all the render options are checked(smooth textures and bitmaps opengl full scene anti-aliasing)
memory usage and texture & images are set to unlimited and better quality ?

Don’t rely entirely on the computer-screen - if possible, connect a TV-screen for referencing…
For final judgement… play your project (DVD) on the TV, not the computer.

Please, export a snapshot of your project, PNG or PSD, (File / Export Snapshot),
open these image with Preview, actual size (command+0), how does it look like…?
(it really shouldn’t look pixelated… )

Using Toon Boom Studio, I mostly render in PSD image-sequences / assemble with QuickTime /
edit with Final Cut Express / burn to DVD either with iDVD or Toast…
The movies look always great played on a TV set.


my exports are still looking like that first png image. the lines are pixilated. how do I export out of toonboom keep the smooth vetor lines in tact.


this is a shot of the drawing in toonboom itself before any export

look kinda pixilated there too. it’ not supposed to is it? all the smoothing settings are on.

does it have to do with my brush settings? size 2 brush with smoothing set at 2

I have found the Quicktime export not so good in Toon Boom compared with other products, but have found exporting PNG or PSD image sequence into Adobe After Effects and then exporting Uncompressed or Animation compression as a Quicktime from After Effects provides a cleaner result.

24 fps is good for film. If you are using PAL, then 25fps with an aspect ratio of 768 x 576 or 1024 x 576 for widescreen PAL.