Exporting Transparent Background... Help??

I’m wanting to export a small animation with a transparent background as an image sequence, but every time I try to do this I get a black background instead of a transparent one. I’ve tried multiple file types but none of them are working. I’ve read multiple places to use the PNG4 file type but it doesn’t seem to be there on Essentials, so I’m wondering if you could only do this with Premium? If anybody knows what I can do, please let me know! Thanks!

Welp I also just found that you need to use the node view and change something on the write node to get PNG4… Is this the only way? If so I guess I can’t export as an image sequence because Essentials doesn’t have a node view. But at the same time I can’t export as a Quicktime movie because Quicktime does that awful gamma shift that I can’t figure out how to fix. Ughhhh why is this so complicated and annoying.

You don’t need PNG4 or the Node view.
In the export options, under Colour Mode, switch from colour to colour with transparency. PNG TGA SGI PSD, all support transparency.