Exporting to Word or other programmes.

I am working for a production company who don’t own Storyboard Pro. They want to add their own notes to the storyboard before it is shipped to the animation company.Because they can’t access the project they can’t add to the PDF.Is there any other way to export or save a PDF to allow them to add notes to it?

If you have Acrobat Professional, then I believe that you can open the PDF then save it in such a way that you can allow the addition of comments. We cannot do that directly from Storyboard, however.~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks for your reply. I’ve passed it on and will be interested to find out if it worked.Considering a lot of production companies won’t have the storyboarding software maybe this is an export function Toon Boom should consider adding?I use Storyboard Pro almost exclusively now and this issue has come up a few times recently.Thanks again.