exporting to flash! big problem...

when i try to export my movie, i exported to html. and now when i try to make it not into html, it goes back into html!!! its not working! ??? >:(

When you want to export your movie and the “Export” dialog box opens, click on the “Publishing Options” button and when the “Publishing” dialog box opens un-check the box labeled “Export HTML” then click on the “OK” and create your Flash formatted SWF movie.-JK

i do that but it doesnt do anything!!! i dont know what to do! please help me


If you export to swf, unless you have Flash you will have to preview the swf into a web page. Adobe decided to no longer provide the stand alone Flash Player, making the Flash Players that you download online linked to your web browser that downloaded it.

It is most likely possible to open swf in other players though but I can’t quite point you out to any specific since I never really looked it up.

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