Exporting to DP problem

I’m trying to export a storyboard from SB Pro to Digital Pro using the export>Toon Boom function. However, when I then open the file in DP, the storyboard is bitmapped, and when I then create a new element to draw over the storyboard images, all I get is plain white, so I can’t see the original images. I’m obviously doing something wrong, so if you could point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.

Hi,First it is normal that you get the bitmap reference of your storyboard. If you want to recover your actual assets from Storyboard make sure you check the Assets box during the export. All the layers will be exported in the Library of the scene.As for painting with white, make sure you select a proper color to draw over. My guesses are that you selected the bitmap and by doing so selected the texture as a paint filling which is probably mostly white.Regards,Ugo

What I don’t understand, though, is that if you’re supposed to be able to use the imported storyboard as a reference, eg for layouts of the scene, it’s impossible to see the storyboard images when you’re drawing in a different element. How am I supposed to gauge timing when I can’t see the original images?I know what you mean about the paint colour, but it’s not that. It’s just that when you draw in the camera view, you’re able to see all the other elements, but the storyboard image turns completely white, making it impossible to see any detail. If I change the element back from bitmap to vector everything disappears. There must be something in either the SB Pro settings or DP settings that I’m doing wrong.

I’ve just exported another sequence into DP and again, things aren’t right. We have two licenses of DP, and whilst the exported SBP file works on my colleague’s machine, it doesn’t work on mine.As I mentioned before, the issue I have is that when I create a new element, and then use the storyboard as a guide, for some reason the storyboard image disappears. This means that the whole idea of having the export function of SBP to DP is useless. There’s obviously a glitch somewhere…

Okay, having just reinstalled DP and SBP, I’m STILL unable to draw over the top of the storyboard elements in DP.Basically I’m unable to trace over a bitmap element, and this is what’s causing me the problems. I’m on a tight deadline with this project so a swift response would be much appreciated.Any suggestions?

Hi,Are you creating new elements inside of your Digital Pro project? If you want to trace you need to make sure that you are not working on the bitmap from Storyboard itself but on a drawing element that you will put on top of the bitmap. Since the drawing tools are all vectors you will not be allowed to use those tools when selecting a bitmap element (such as the reference from Storyboard).Best regards,Ugo

I am working on a new drawing element in DP, on top of the bitmap as you described. The annoying thing is, in the past this has worked. I even downloaded the PLE version of Animate Pro and it worked in that. It’s frustrating because if I could afford it I’d upgrade, but as we’re using two licenses of DP, both would have to be upgraded. As I’ve said, I’ve re-installed both DP and SBP today, and the issue is still there. I know it’s just a glitch, but I’d appreciate any advice.

Hi,One thing you may want to try is to go in the drawing view and use the light table option instead of drawing directly in the camera view. You may get different results this way. Otherwise you may also want to update your video card drivers are it might be related to some refresh issue.Best regards,Ugo