Exporting to a fla file

I’ve heard that Toon Boom Studio can export projects fla files for use in flash, but I haven’t been able to find anything on it other than it can. So basically what I want to know is; how do you go about doing that? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

You will want to use the TBSi Flash Importer Plugin. -JK

The information on this free tool is here:
TBSi Importer

Great, thank you so much for the help once again.

Ah shoot, I have another question. I was under the impression that you could export to fla files directly from Toon Boom, is this the case or do I actually need Flash? I ask because I want to enter an animation collaboration, and they requested fla files and I only have Toon Boom, and I don’t really feel like dishing out another couple hundred dollars for Flash.


Also is it possible to import an fla file into Toon Boom?


There is no straight FLA export from Toon Boom Studio since the FLA format is proprietary to Adobe and we do not have access to all the material to make those. The same goes the other way around, we cannot actually import FLA files since those are not open sourced which make them impossible to decode from our point of view. Therefore you would need to use the importer to import your Toon Boom Studio Project inside of Flash and save the FLA there. If you want to go back to Studio you would need to export to swf and import the swf inside Studio although be aware that you will most likely lose your camera and element structure by doing that for that information is not contained in the swf file.

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Oh, and with Flash, well, it’s not only a few dollars either. :-\

Ahhh, that’s a bummer. But thanks for the responds any way, its much appreciated.