exporting to 300 dpi

hi all - been through the search for exporting psd files beyond the 72dpi and not finding much that deals with TB to alter this value to 300 (a lot of stuff with animate and storyboard). Currently, my project size in TB8.1 is 2500x2500 for an exported 8.5x8.5 page spec (these drawings are for a children’s book to be printed by the client) and will be imported into Adobe InDesign… is there a way to specify a greater dpi value or is the 72dpi all i can get? thanks, Dan

After the export resize the image of your choice to about 20 to 24 percent depending on the width you want. 24 percent will get you a width of the image to about 21,2 centimeters (approx 8,3" x 8,3") at 300 dpi.

Hi - thanks for the feedback … what i am trying to avoid is to resize a 72dpi image, thereby running the risk of getting that ‘muddy’ look one can expect from bitmap resizes. The closest I can get is to develop the TB images at 2500x2500 (which gives me the 8.5x8.5 static page size), review the images in photshop for continuity with lines (seeing pen does a cleaner job than brush) and adjust it accordingly. I know one might suggest i do the project in photoshop, but the client wants variable page sizes for print and electronic readers, so vector is my best bet (and adobe illustrator requires more time to develop than does TB). thanks, dan

Export your movie as swf and then import the swf into Flash. From Flash export the frame of your choice as Adobe fxg. Open the fxg-file in Adobe Illustrator and save it as pdf or what fileformat you want to be used with e.g. Indesign. You’ll get vectorformat this way.

cool – i’ll give it a shot … thanks