exporting storyboard images to afterFX

how do I go about taking the storyboards from toon boom to after affects?

Hi,First I want to make sure you are talking about Storyboard and not Storyboard Pro.I guess the easiest way with the Storyboard version would be to export as bitmap and import those bitmaps inside After Effect to do your animatic. This being said be aware that if it is only for the animatic that you use After effect you might have been better of with the Pro version of Storyboard which offer you this feature and much more.In any case let us know if we can be of any further help.Best regards,Ugo

yes, I’m talking about storyboard.I was looking forward to storyboard pro but I was assured that the company I work for wanted to still do the animatic in after FX. And we use after FX for lots of other things too, so no worries.thanks ugo

Hi,So is the export to image sequence doing the trick or do you need something else?Best regards,Ugo

I haven’t gotten a chance to try that, but will on the next project. that project had a tight deadline and I didn’t get to check back for your answer, so i made the frames in to jpegs from ps and went that way. A little time consuming so i"m excited to try the export option.thanks man!