Exporting Sound issues

Is it at all possible to find out if there is anything being done to fix this issue? I keep getting emails to upgrade to Animate Pro, how can they release a better version of something when the regular version is not functional. My productivity has gone way down because of the fact that I have to re sync my sound in a Final Cut. I would prefer to just use Final Cut for adding sound effects and piecing clips together. I check almost every day for updates and nothing, it would be nice to know that someone is at least trying to fix the issue. :-[

I think the best way is to wait until Animate Pro PLE comes out first and then try it before upgrading it. Any project you have done in Digital pro commercial (not educational since educational is not possible to work with PLE) will be able to be viewable in any PLE. Just not the other way around (ex, project created from PLE to commercial version can not be possible. This means that if you do any change and save in PLE, you are not able to open (actually see the drawings) it in Digital Pro any more. So if you want to test it with your current scene, duplicate your current saved scene and wait until Animate Pro PLE comes out. Then open the duplicated scene using Animate Pro PLE to test. By doing this, you can still have original scene even if you pollute the duplicated scene by any mistake with PLE. my 2cents

I agree totally jkorbisch. It is not unreasonable to expect an animation software package to import 2 different sounds, it sucks. It seems like the gains on productivity improvements is taken back with sound editing.

I think you miss understood. I am not looking to upgrade to Animate Pro, I want to know how they can release Animate Pro when Animate doesn’t even work the way it should. What I would also like to know is if anyone is working on fixing the bug discovered previously in this thread? You would think that if they could release Animate Pro, they should be able to fix Animate. What Animate has to offer is fine with me and do not need the Pro version yet. What I would like, is for Animate to work with sound the way it should and what I paid for. I don’t think I should have to pay more to fix a defect that shouldn’t be.

It seems that Toon Boom currently have no bugs reported for the full version of Animate in their knowledge base. Is this because there is no way to actually report a bug other than to:

a. Pay for support, or
b. Put it in a thread and hope someone from Toon Boom actually reads it ??

I too have expected much better from them given the price of their products. And I agree, it is disheartening to continually see new versions of their software being released whilst the old versions remain flawed.

How about looking after your existing customers Toon Boom??? This issue wasted a lot of my time before I found a work-around.

This post now makes this a hot topic. Surely that must make someone at TB notice. We shouldn’t have to pay support to report what is a genuine bug. It will be interesting to see if it has been addressed in the released PRO version, and if it doesn’t get fixed/patched in the full version …that will suck. It is a shame it’s good software.

Just quick note.

This has been reported to Toon Boom RND and they have confirmed that it will be addressed in new version or patch of Animate which does not have specific date to be released yet.

Is there any more news regarding this? Over six months have passed by and I am yet to see any patch.


Best Regards,
Thierry “digicod”

  1. i actually do think the tb staff notices our feedback.
    2. on the other hand i’m stunned at this flood of software packages coming from tb animation. we have now studio, animate family, digital pro, harmony is still around, i guess, then the storyboards, and a few packs for kids. no wonder they’ve got no time to focus on particular product’s quality.
    i wish i was wrong.

Toon Boon animate was released in December 2008 and since no update is available? it is now a year …

How the ---- can they release a version 2 when version 1 doesn’t work properly, no explanation, no promised patches , NOTHING ! do not buy 2, if it’s bug ridden, you will have to make do. Such a shame, 1 sale lost here anyway.

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I agree - I will not be touching any of their products again. I’ve had better support for a 2.50 iPhone application. Nothing but constant emails regarding new products - FIX THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY SOLD FIRST!!!

Wow, that is the reason I divorced Adobe Flash. I had problems with Animate in the beginning but then when I adjusted a few things everything was fine. Hope you get a resolution soon.

We do constant improvement and development on our products, and we do our best to provide solutions to any problems that users encounter. If you experience issues that have not been solved, please do feel free to send an email to support@toonboom.com. We do our best to solve each individual’s problems until they are up and running again.

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