Exporting snapshots at higher resolution?


I’ve been using toon boom to create some drawings, as I love having the ability to draw freely with a tablet and have it as a vector instead of bmp. I was wondering: is there a way to export a snapshot at a resolution higher than 72 dpi? The only settings I see under the options are for changing the file format, and color depth. I would like to export the snapshots at 300 dpi if that is possible.

Note: I am using Toon Boom Studio 4.5, so I’m not sure if other versions may include this feature or not…


To export your image at 300 dpi you need to know what the pixel size is to set in TBS. To find the pixel size, open a sample 300 dpi image in Photoshop and change to pixels. Now you can set that size for your scene in TBS and export.

Please post your results.


What do you mean what the pixel size is set to in TBS?

The frame size is set to 600 x 800. What I am wondering is how to change the resolution, not the size. The resolution of anything I export is 72 dpi (or pixels per inch, technically). I really don’t understand at all what you are describing to do in photoshop. What do you mean ‘change to pixels’? It seems like you mean to find the size of an image and change the size of my project to match that. But the problem is that only changes the frame size, and does not change the resolution. There’s a very large difference between a 600 x 800 image at 72 dpi, and one at 300 dpi. I’m not sure how to accomplish this as an export.


Size IS resolution.

The calculation to get the size of a bitmap for a given dpi is:
pixels (width or height) divided by dpi = size in inches.

For example…
You have a 1500 pixel by 1200 pixel bitmap exported from TBS.
You wish to load it into Photoshop with the project set to 300dpi.
What will the size of the image be in pixels?

1500 pixels / 300 dpi = 5 inches
1200 pixels / 300 dpi = 4 inches

The same image would be much larger when the project is set to 72 dpi.

1500 pixels / 72 dpi = 20.83 inches
1200 pixels / 72 dpi = 16.66 inches

For working with bitmap files in Photoshop, ideally you should
first determine the DPI you would like to use (300 for example).
Next, determine the size (in inches) that you would like your
image to be in Photoshop (for example 6 inches wide by 4
inches high). To get the size that you need your TBS project to
be in order to export at that size:

6 inches * 300 dpi = 1800 pixels wide
4 inches * 300 dpi = 1200 pixels high

Please note that in Photoshop you can see your image dimensions
either in inches or in pixels (there are also other options).