Exporting QuickTime fails

I am on Mac, OS X 10.6.8
Scene settings: 5400x1080 pixels, 25 fps.
I am trying to export a QuickTime movie and no matter what export options I choose, the .MOV file comes out corrupt - just a bunch of color noise and doesn’t play.
I’ve tried “Export Movie” and “Export OpenGL Frames”
The only thing that seems to work is exporting Flash video (FLV).
Is this only me?

Try and export as Image-sequence, then assemble with QuickTime, or else…

Ok, I have rendered the Network as image sequence, and it looks fine. Thanks.
I still wish QuickTime would work…

It looks like, the maximum “export-to-quicktime-resolution” one can achieve lays around about 4090 x 4090 pixels…?

Probably a restriction on the graphics card!

Hi, Sezame,
What’s your graphic card specs ?
Which option did you choose to export the movie ?
Render network or just Movie

Actually, the graphic card has no impact on this.
Every codec used to encode movies have limitation.