exporting PSD files

Can I export a PSD file with layers in it?

I want to export a PSD file with two layers in it, but i can’t. Hope you can help me.

I have Toon Boom Studio 4.5

all exported images are flattened. You have to export them separately. If the image needs to have the alpha channel, check the option of Export Image Sequence Setting to set Millions of Colors+ for the alpha.

Thanks for the answer!

And how about in TB Animate Pro, can you do that?

Yes. in Animate Pro, go to the properties of the writhe module in network view and set the drawing type with 4. For example. PSD4, TGA4 which will let you create all 4 channels (RGBA). Then export>render network after save to apply changes.
By the way, you can ask Animate Pro question in Animate Pro forum for more details.

thank you very much!