Exporting problems

I’m trying to export a scene as an swf file in Toon Boom 4.0. The export gets more than halfway done, then stalls and doesn’t finish exporting. When I tried exporting the same scene as a .mov file, it exports fine. It’s a short clip. About 100 frames.

The scene involves a shattering window. I created the effect in Illustrator using about 10 different images. On a hunch, I deleted the layer with the window shattering and the scene exported fine as a swf. For some reason, the layer with the shattered window frames is the part that is stopping the file from exporting as an swf. (again, it exports fine as a .mov)

Has anyone had this problem before?
Any fixes?


Without seeing the actual scene it is somewhat hard to analyse what which is going on. Since you pinpointed which layer is in cause you may want to do some optimization around the part where the render stops. Try to avoid using pencil line (conver them to brush). You may also want to optimize shapes (check if there are lots of points with the contour editor).

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