Exporting problems

I’ve been having some rather odd problems with my ToonBoom Harmony Essentials. When I’ve completed a sketch of an animation or a general completed animation with sound included it’s fine, the music is in the correct place, the speed of the animation fits perfectly, everything is all good. However as soon as I click export and it’s been exported and I go to watch it on QuickTime Player and the animation doesn’t start where it’s meant to and it’s extremely fast and not how I wanted it to look. I was just wondering what I can or could do to perhaps fix this problem? Thank you!

Hi ToonStomp, sounds to me like it could be frame rate issue perhaps ? Perhaps check what your frame rate setting in the timeline is compared to how you are exporting. If you are previewing in Quicktime when rendered, open up the movie properties window which will tell you the frame rate of the render, obviously this should match your TB file.

As for not starting in the right place, how much out are we talking? a few frames or a big chunk? Im guessing you have checked you are expecting full movie rather than selecting specific frames to export?

Be interesting to see a screen shot of your timeline, and export window.

Cheers, Jason

Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro User