Exporting Problems in Studio 5

Hi, all! I just installed ToonBoom Studio 5 & I have some questions about exporting. The quick preview (when you hit the return key) now seems to preview in a flash player embedded in a browser (in Studio 4, it previewed in a quicktime window). Is there a way to change this back to quicktime preview? Also, when I export my animations (as either quicktime or avi), the line quality is all pixelated (not ani-aliased). When I export from Studio 4, my lines look nice & sharp, but in Studio 5 they look cruddy. I’ve messed with the export options, but nothing seems to help. Anyone know whats wrong? For the record, I’m using windows Vista 32-bit (if that means anything) ;D

Yeah, that browser imbedded preview video is horrible. I’m brand new to the program as well (4 days). Here’s what I use on a mac:

CMD+(ENTER) -or- (PLAY MENU) then (PREVIEW SCENE) which is I think the same QT preview that you’re referring to.

Hope this helps!