Exporting panels as PDF or images, camera issues

Right now if there’s a camera movement in a scene that I’m exporting as PDF, the resulting image will look zoomed out and show the camera movement in one image. In settings I can get rid of the camera movement guidelines but the image will still be exported zoomed out. Instead I’d like it to just get the first frame of every panel as it would look like if you exported a movie and took that frame without showing anything outside the panel border. Is that possible?

Hi Alex,

I can´t find a setting either that just takes the actaul frame but you can make it work by adding a snapshot to the scene.


and the in the pdf setting profile settings select “Frame snapshots” in the panel tab.

If you set a shortcut to add Snapshot it makes its faster if you have a lot of camera movements.

I hope this helps.

/ Mattias

But even with snapshots it still zooms out whenever there is any camera move. Snapshots only make extra panels but don’t fix the problem. I don’t get it! This is a storyboarding program how come there is no way to export your panels in a way that allows you to click through them to imitate a movie playing during a pitch???

Yes, Its really not easy to so how the layout will look like with all these text-settings. would have been easier with a visual setting.

As fara as I see here this works for me.

Here is the panel setting in my pdf-export. Might be something else that needed to be selected too.


I hope it helps.

This is the result I get. See how it zooms out to show the camera move? I can get rid of the red and green camera lines in settings but it still stays zoomed out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15yzCG76RqgILHeNu2yA1rJbmXWj8J1Wb/view?usp=sharing

Well, that’s not good.

I guess its better to contact support directly.

They often answer fast ( Canada time )
Please update this if you get a good answer there.

Just sent the request. I’ll post an update once I get an answer. Thanks.

Hey! I found kind of a convoluted fix that could help out… If you split the panel containing the camera move up into multiple panels (3 or more) it helps keep the camera move withn the panel frame during PDF export. This is because right now you’re giving StoBoPro only one panel to reference in the camera move so it’s only using one panel to make the entire move, so if you give it 3 or more panels within the camera move --it comes out better

Hope this helps… was having trouble with this myself.


I had all of the problems discussed in this thread, and in the end I made this free tool to help anyone who like me has had trouble customizing their exported PDFs from Storyboard Pro.

You can download it here:

This tool lets you output a nice PDF slideshow of your storyboards without having to fiddle around with a bunch of settings. I designed it to look nice when uploading my boards to https://speakerdeck.com

Here is the outcome it will give you:

  • 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio

  • A black bar for captions

  • White text

  • Frames of camera moves captured with Snapshots do not zoom out.