Exporting on a 64 bit machine?????

I was stunned to find the only export options are Flash and Quicktime given the fact there is no 64 bit quicktime. What’s up??? Is it a boat in the basement? Any plans to add frame sequence export like Targa or Tiff? Frame sequence alpha export would be nice on pro level software as well. It’s really expensive to have so little, as in zero on 64 bit, export support. I never would have bought it if I knew there was no way to export animations. Total shelfware until Apple releases a 64 quicktime and no one knows if or when that will happen. I’m not holding my breath. Am I missing something or is the software in fact bricked on 64 bit? Who cares if it’ll run on 64 bit if there’s no way to output animations??? You seriously need to add export options. I’ve never seen a consumer level animation software with so few export options let alone “Pro” level software.

I read your entry and noticed you wanted to export TIFFS and/or TGA files.
In the network view, under Composite there is a box called Write, or you can import/drag it from the module library onto your network. Click on the yellow square button and in the window that has the selection on “Drawing” you will see a pull down menu that says “Drawing type” and this will show you all the formats you can export your image sequences in, TGA, TIFF, JPEG,BMP, PNG, PAL, PSD, YUV etc… about 30 different choices. In some productions, we had to render TGAs because we needed the alpha channel, same with TIFF and that’s how we used to do it, then we would select “Render Network” from the “File/Export” menu. That’s how we did it and I think you’re covered, I hope this helps.