Exporting multiple frames to a tiled image?

I’m looking at TBS as a way of generating static and animated art for my computer games (and so far, it’s looking like a great choice).

One thing it does not appear to have is the ability to export multiple frames to a tiled image (eg, a 12-frame animation exports to a single image that is 3 images wide and 4 images tall).

Is anybody aware of (Mac, ideally) software that could take the multiple images TBS exports and stitch them into a single tiled image?

(or does v5 do tiled image export?)


PS: Does anybody know how long the discounted pre-order offer is good for?

Well, I am not aware that Studio can export an animation to a tiled image…?

Import your rendered frames from Studio into Photoshop and stitch it there together…

As far as I know the “pre-order-offer” is valid until May 27th…



I’m in the exact same boat. I want to use TBS for creating game characters and animating them, then export them to something usable in an iPhone game.

I’d love to be able to export the skeleton/hierarchy of each character and the animations thereof as well. I have a skeletal animation system in my 2D game engine already.

Anyone know if these things are possible?