Exporting Movie with transparency

Hi there,

I don’t find how to export an animation movie with alpha channel.
I use the write module and select million colors+ but still have a black background.

I also try to add a color-card, no change.

Any idea ?

Yep I’ve tried this :slight_smile: But my problem was just the size taken by png sequences x)

Harmony can not export movie with alpha channel.it’s a bug.
Harmony and higher version fix this problem.


Millions + should work. Without colour card or any background (otherwise there will be no transparency). Where are you opening the mov? In a editing or compositing software? If you put it over another clip you should confirm it has an alpha channel, but it’s black if you just play the clip on a video player.

In quicktime if you check the movie inspector (control or command + i) does it say “millions +” in format?

You could also try via the menu
file > export > movie
In movie options > settings > compression type animation > compressor depth > millions of colours +

I use After Effects, when I open the movie it is millions+ format, but it still have the black background.

When I export with file> export> movie it’s the same issues.

I’ve successfully export a movie with alpha channel with After Effects, no issues and it’s the same inspector.

Ahah thanks :slight_smile:

Try exporting image sequence artwork.png4 then import as image sequence into After Effects, works well with Harmony 10. It also solved a bug I had when I rendered a thousand frames and the QT output just bugged out or simply did not work.

Harmony renders stuff pre-multiplied with black. If the editing software is made aware that the clip is pre-rendered to black - it should appear properly.

I have harmony premium 12.2 on window 10 and it doesn’t work.
I have the option but the program is ignoring the plus. Is like the program don’t remember that I pushed million colors + and it select million color by it self.
I really need to export with transparency T.T


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