exporting movie in Animate Issues

Hello, when I exported a movie in .mov from Animate 1. The music plays but the video doesn’t show. Please help. Thanks

are all your drawings black?

if so add a colour card because the default background colour is black.

Yes my drawings are all black lines. Is there a way to change the background color? thank you

:)Thank you very much! i just added a white color for the background and now i can see the drawings in the video. But is there a way to change the default background color?

use a colour card from add elements button.

I don’t know there is a way to change the default background colour. You could add something to the opening script so it always opens a colour card if you feel like learning some scripting. But once you start drwing backgrounds it is no longer an issue.

The default “background colour” is actually transparent. Animate displays transparency as black by default. If you want to add a background to your project, then you need to add a colour card.

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