exporting .mov is painfully slow


Due to the current situation I’m working from home and the only way to get my work reviewed by my supervisor is to export an .mov of what I’m working on and email it to them.

I’m trying to export .movs from my scenes and it’s taking so long it’s making it difficult to work. I’m exporting at 1/4 resolution with medium quality (any lower and the video is unwatchable) and using h264 for compression (I’ve tried mpeg-4 as well). The scenes often have multiple characters ect.

Is there any way to speed it up? Maybe a setting I’m missing or something. I’ve talked to my coworkers who are working from home and everyone else is experiencing this as well. My computer isn’t ancient and I can work within the scenes no problem. Any advice would be appreciated.



P.S. working in Toonboom Harmony Premium 16.0

Disable any BG elements you can if you are trying to show just the animation. Honestly the render time is just based on what it has to render each frame.