Exporting .mov, background turns transparent

I’ve just finished my first ever scene in Toon Boom, but when I export it as a mov file, the background layer disappears/is transparent.

I’m doing a camera move in the scene, with a slight multiplane effect. All elements except for the disappearing background are vectors.

- Foreground vectors
- Middle ground animated vectors
- PNG background layer with a hole in it
- distant background vectors that appear behind the hole in the PNG file.

It all plays fine inside of Toon Boom, but when I render it the PNG layer doesn’t show up. How can I fix this???


I have tried to replicate your problem.
The only thing found that gives the result you are describing is if you have set your main Composite module to- As Vector in the layer properties.
If that is the case, set it to -As Bitmap and it will render fine.
If this is not the case please wait for better advice from a more competent user.

Best regards

Which software are you using? Animate or Animate Pro?

If you’re using Pro, I’d just double-check in the Network that all the modules are connected to your composite, and that you’re looking at the Camera view through the Display that’s connected to the composite. Somtimes what happens is when you turn on Display All, it shows floating (unconnected) modules, and this makes you think that you can see this module in the final output, but in fact it’s not connected so it won’t show up.

If you’re in Animate instead, let me know and I’ll try to think of other reasons why this could happen.