exporting layers from animate to edit them in photoshop

Hey, I am new to Animate. I noticed that there is a way to export a file, including its layers from photoshop to animate so that the layer show up as layers. However, I want to export my animate sketched images-including its layer, as layers, into photoshop so that i can color and detail them because my images are much more anime-detailed than the usual cartoon network cartoon.



The reverse operation is not possible (not that I know of anyway).
You would have to render your layers one at the time.


I am not sure, my level in toonboon is good but not excellent, i am from flash background, that s where i found flash really improved, it is easy to combine flash and photoshop, even update your photoshop layers that you imported into flash. You can do drawing sketch and animated it in flash and export the layers to photoshop, export as png and do whatever in photoshop and then import it or update the same layer in flash.

I think toonboom needs to inclure this feature especially for photoshop user who also do animation. I dont know about toonboom harmony, i hope it got that feature, it will really help, that freedom of exporting layer to photoshop and then importing it back.