Exporting keyframe data for lipsync.

I understand how to use Toonboom’s auto lipsync and timeline editing features. These are great, and I would like to use them with my project.

But I want to export the keyframe data (e.g. viseme X shown on frame 33, etc.) to some format like XML that a separate piece of software will import. (This other software is basically a game.)

It doesn’t help me to export movies or still images, because my game engine won’t use these to animate. I just need the keyframe data. Do you know a way I can get this info into an easily read file format?


Okay, you guys are quiet, so maybe this is a hard question? I figured out a solution. It may be an extremely convoluted solution, but it DOES work.

  1. In the mouth images, I put specially colored marker pixels at a certain location. This pixel is a code that means A, B, C, D, E, F, G, or X.
  2. Go through usual steps to create lip sync viseme frames.
  3. Export as an image sequence.
  4. Run a script I wrote that looks at each file in the image sequence for the marker pixel. This tool outputs the keyframes.

I’m essentially using the image sequence as a way of encoding data that I’d like to export from Toon Boom.

I’d be happy if there was an easier way. I noticed that Harmony has a TVG to XML converter, but Harmony is too expensive for what I’m doing.