Exporting issue

I try to export my animation in animate pro 2 ple and it gets to 53% then crashes every. I tried reinstalling and it does the exact same thing at the exact same place in the process. Could be acorrupt fiole in my animation but I got no idea what to do?? any suggestions. i already did an re install.

Have you tried just rendering the single frame it dies at ?

no, i will do that thanks.

If it keeps crashing at the same place it could be one of two things. It could be that it simply runs out of memory by the time that it gets to that place. Or it could be something corrupt in the file. As TheRaider suggests, try to just render the frame that it dies at - if it renders this frame correctly, then this means that it’s likely that you’re simply running out of memory.

Is it a long scene, with many layers and/or effects? You could try to render it out in portions.

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