Exporting Issue - Desaturated Colors

Whenever I export movies, they always come out desaturated when exporting them. I have tried exporting also as an image sequence but the effects like Tones for shadows is barely visible on the image sequence. Is there a way to export and keep the saturation and the same look as the render preview?

It seems to be a Quicktime issue.

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Apple discussion thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2545461?start=0&tstart=0

Hi ShadowLillium, the saturated colours has been a long term issue, pointed at quicktime it seems.

I always export where possible, using the ‘Animation’ option, this seems to give the least saturated colours. Plus I have saved to my library a few handy modules with some preset settings, like contrast to tweak the colour output, makes it look a bit bright in TB but when you export it helps the colours stay punchy.

Cheers, Jason

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I subscribe that. Export with the Animation compressor as your “master” file, and then use Mpeg Streamclip or some other converter software whenever you need a smaller file for web or whatever. But even exporting h.264 I think if you open with VLC or other player instead of Quicktime the colours won’t look washed. In any case, there’s this fix if you want to correct the gamma shift in Quicktime. You need Quicktime Pro for this.


Luis Canau

The QuickTime Pro fix does not work, there is no way to buy QuickTime Pro for PC due to the security issues that Apple shut it down. Is there another fix or another way to get Quicktime Pro?