Exporting issue: Animation not exporting with sound. Both timeline and settings have sound ticked on

I just finished a new cartoon and a few weeks ago I made a quick gif by turning off sound in the settings and exporting a small bit of it. Now it’s finished I ticked the sound on after checking the timeline sound was on and exported it. The video played fine but there was no sound at all. I tried again several times and noticed that the settings had turned off the sound again even though I know I turned it on each time.

I have no idea why its doing this, maybe it’s a glitch, but it’s frustrating after I spent so long making this cartoon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What version of Harmony are you using (i.e. Essentials, Advanced, Premium)?

Advanced 12.2


Do you have Quicktime installed?

If Windows 10 (from rkriz at the time Harmony 12 was ccurrent) :
"Note also that the latest version of Quicktime is broken on Windows 10.
You need to install version 7.7.6 or 7.7.7 instead. "

Also try running as Admin


Has Quicktime recently broken or has it been broken for a while, because a previous animation I exported around last christmas worked fine.

But yeah I have Windows 10 sadly.

Not sure when. I use OS X.

But all it takes is an operating system update to break something. Apple stopped supporting Quicktime for Windows. There is some sort of security breach. If it has not reached it yet there will be a point when the operating system changes enough that it leaves programs behind that are not updated, which Quicktime is no longer receiving.

I got in touch with tech and they’re saying I need to uninstall Harmony 12 and install Harmony 14 which I apparently have a desktop subscription for. I didn’t notice this until earlier today only really because I’ve been pretty busy with my work and family issues so I never really got around to checking. I know I didn’t buy Harmony 14, but I do remember buying 12 mid last year. I suppose that I got 14 ‘free’ (or whatever) because of the QuickTime problem.

I just downloaded 14 and am going to properly install it. How do I uninstall 12? I have an icon on my desktop and a shortcut on the taskbar, would removing these mean I have removed the application? Should I also stop the subscription for 12 or is that now transferred to 14?

I apologise for the stupid questions, I’m new to Harmony and I don’t want to mess it up.

A subscription includes upgrades to the latest version of Harmony.

I am on OS X so I cannot help you to remove 12. They said remove it so that may be a factor resolving your issue but they can coexist on your system