Exporting is darkening my colors

Hi everyone, I’m somewhat new to toonboom animate pro, and I’ve been making test animations. Basically, what is happening is that, I’ll color my characters or whatever a certain color I selected, but when I view the character in render mode, or export the video, the colors darken…is there anyway to make this not happen?? Or is there a setting I can change, or something I have to do to the drawings?

An example is if I made a character’s hair dark brown (noticeably brown) it’ll be black in the render view or when I export it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot!

I’ve noticed a colour difference when I export to moive format too. If I directly export the frames or export to flash (swf) the colours are noticably brighter.

I’m not sure why it happens.

I found out that my problem was in the tones. I would apply a tone which would drastically switch when I would export, although it would look fine in normal view, but would change in the render.

Not quite sure on the brightness thing, I guess I can ask if you’ve applied some sort of effect in the network or something? Like a tone, or a highlight? Your problem may be similar to mine.