Exporting in MOV yeilds no video, broken sound

I made a very short animation for practice of a brick falling off a shelf. It has no sound and should be fairly simple to export, but when I try to export in MOV, it gets treated like a sound file instead of a video file (if the music note in the thumbnail is any indication on Windows Explorer), so there’s no video, and for some reason it creates a broken, glitchy sound. It also cuts the file short from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit, ToonBoom Animate 3.

If there is no background art, then the video will be black, by default, it renders out transparency where there is no art.
Simple solution is to create a color card which will create a big flat background for you.
IF the sound is messed up, there is a chance that the compression you’re using is wrecking the sound as well, check your movie compression settings.
If the file is cut too short, there is a chance the scene length isn’t being rendered completely. In the window, you can export a range, make sure all is selected, otherwise it will use a limitied range.

Hope that helps, I’ve done this a few times myself.

So apperantly Windows Media Player can’t properly open MOV files, which is really dumb, but it plays just fine on Quicktime Player. I’ll just switch out the associations for that. thanks for the help anyway.