exporting/importing seperated layers from other Toon Boom files

I would figure its possible for me to create a character in one toon boom file, and then export that as a PSD and import that to the file where i have created my background to then animate the scene, correct? (it didnt work for me, maybe i did something wrong) Or do i have to put each layer in the library and then take them out of the library in the scene im animating in?

One bitmap image file is probably not what you need to animate the character.

Is it cut-out style or traditional style?
Normally you can make a template or a layer, node structure or character rig
using the library and use that to transfer characters/effects/animation between scenes.

To use the Library it’s always good to make a folder called HarmonyLibrary in your
documents folder and use the library command “Open Library” to select it for use
as your personalized library. You can even make others if you’re working on separate
projects and want to keep things organized by project.