Exporting & Importing Cut Out Characters with Motion Cycles

We are using Harmony Essentials 12.x in our high school classroom. We have created Cut Out Characters with Pegs and Deformer Bone rigs. They are animated into motion cycles (for example walking or running in place with no other scenery elements).

In the past with an old version of Toon Boom we were able to export our animated Cut Out Characters and bring them into other Scenes so they could be reused. Usually we would accomplish this by bringing them into the Library. However the library in Harmony seems to be set up for art layer swapping and doesn’t seem to allow importing.

I cannot figure out how to do this with Harmony and have had no luck on the Harmony website finding a complete tutorial anywhere that shows how to do this. I can’t believe Harmony wouldn’t allow for import of character cycles so I must be missing something.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a complete tutorial that shows how to import an animated, rigged cutout character?

Problem solved. One of my lovely students figured it out.

There is no need to worry about export/import anymore.

Just have the the “motioncycle.xstage” file open and the “scene.xstage” file open with the windows tiled. Drag the “Master Peg” for the cut out character across the windows to the timeline of the scene file.

Right click the Library folder you would like to use for import and choose “Right to Modify”.
Drag any Asset from the Timeline (Objects, Characters, Animation-Cycles etc.), or single frames
directly into the Library window.
All those Assets will be available for any project, just drag them from the Library into the Viewport,
or directly into the Timeline where needed.

Thanks nolanscott but I’d already tried that and it didn’t work for us. Perhaps because we are using Harmony Essentials 12 …or perhaps I didn’t follow the tutorial very well. Also dragging it from window to window is way easier.

Hi Lisa,

Harmony Essentials’ library should work the same as Advanced and Premium.
You can find additional info here:

Good luck!