Exporting Images

Hello.I’m trying to export images from PencilCheck Pro to use them in Photoshop. But it always crops the image to something like the title safe area of the footage.Also, is it only possible to export to 640 x 360? I wouldn’t mind, but the cropping stuff’s really annoying…CheersMoe

Seems very strange to me. In my project settings, I have 1920 x 1080. But the images get exported in 640 x 360. So your export format is exactly the same as your scene format?And my image is cropped by about 15% in the playback window. Yours not?I checked every single Menu Item and I don’t see what I could do to make it work.Ah yeah. I’m using Pencil Check Pro (7.4.0) on a Mac (10.6.5)CheersMoe

OK, I made some more tests. It seems as if everything works fine as long up to a certain resolution. Full HD gets cropped down. Higher resolutions too.702p works fine. Is this a bug or a feature?

I just double-checked the image export and it works fine for me. It will export the same thing that it shows in the Playback window.

For the size, verify the resolution in your scene settings. Go to Scene > Scene Settings, and this is where you can adjust the size of your scene and also the output.

Hope this helps.