Exporting Images

Hi there. I’ve been trying to export my images to a higher resolution. I click on the yellow box on the ‘write’ node in the network. I click on the second tab and change the resolution there. I try to export, but nothing happens. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Hi Jeffn,

Try to change your project resolution and see if that gets you better results. You can access the project resolution by going to the “scene” menu, then select “scene settings…” Once you’ve opened this menu, you’ll see resolution choices like HDTV, film, and PAL (to name a few) below those, you’ll see the option to manually change the resolution, or create new presets.

Give this a try and be sure to post again if you have any success.

There should not be any option to change the size in the write node. You may be trying to change the size in the Quicktime Dialogue, which is not supported.

Best thing to do is change the resolution in the Scene Settings dialog.

If you want to have two outputs, like an HD and SD version, then you can use a Scale-Output module attached to a Crop to get your SD version.