Exporting images and video with transparency(alpha channel)

A simple task in toon boom studio seems impossible to me in harmony.
exporting videos or images with transparency.

If i put a colour card i got the colour of the colour card
without colorcard I always get a black background instead.

I already tried png, psd extensions for images

with video i always used the animation filter and select millions of colors+. used to work at toon boom studio, but not at harmony.

How i export with transparency in harmony? thanks

try removing colour card and export with PNG4 not PNG, it will include transparency

Hi FabioPo

There are many ways to export your movie from Harmony.
Just speaking from my own experience: Using the export movie option from the File menu will give a transparent BG if you don’t add a colorcard. If you add a colorcard you will have to turn opacity to 0 Dobble click the color field in the bottom of the card and adjust it.

With the settings you describe ,Animation, Millions of colors + and keyframes set to Every I tried yesterday and the files showed up transparent after export. The files was viewed in Final Cut Pro X and was totally trasparent except for lineart(it was lineart only export) It was easily layed over each other. To show in the compositing/editing software it might need to be composited above an opake BG color other than the art.

If you don’t succeed. There is also a network way to export that has a wide range of possibilities.

Best regards

my problem is with toon boom 8.1
I can’t seem to get the transparency right. I need to get the animation I did to Adobe AfterEffects in order to add some effects to it, but the video or when exported as .png image sequence do not have the alfa channel and thus are not transparent. how can I fix this?