Exporting image sequence with transparency


I am very new to this software. I am trying to export an animated short sequence with a transparent background so I can import it into after effects.

I have tried using the colour card - yet that shows up with small blocks in the background.

I tried PNG4, TGA, TIFF, TGA4 and they all show up black.

I am really desperate to get this done and would appreciate and help on the matter.


Open the Write Module and choose your Destination-Folder and Drawing-Type (PNG4).
(Number 4 represents the Alpha-Channel (Transparent Background).

In Harmony go to File / Export / Render Write Nodes…
Check All Frames or Selected Frames, then click OK.

I used to be able to do this, without messing with that. By selecting millions of colors+ I think.

You shouldn’t use a colour card, because that’s a solid colour. The background or whatever you want to be transparent should be empty. Try to export PSD4 if PNG4 doesn’t work. It should, but I remember having problems with PNG4 with an older version of Harmony.

Luis Canau