Exporting image sequence with padding?

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to export an image sequence in Harmony Stage Advanced but I can’t seem to find any way to add/change frame padding. I’ve got 250 frames and they get exported as 1, 2, 3, etc, rather than 001, 002, 003, and so on. I can’t find anything in the manual - it just says to add a prefix (e.g. “export-”) but I’ve been doing that from the very beginning and that doesn’t work either!

TV Paint normally just lets you type “001” for the first file and it automatically uses that as padding so if it gets to the tenth frame you’ll get 010 rather than 0010… That doesn’t seem to work for Harmony.

For now I exported it in batches with “export-00” as the prefix for the first 9 frames, “export-0” for frames 10-99, and just “export-” for 100-250, which works but is super tedious and I’m convinced there’s got to be a way to do it… But I can’t find it! Does anyone know how to do it?

Thank you all in advance! :slight_smile:

Harmony Premium has the ability in the Write module to define leading zeros, from 1 to 000001.
Not sure if this is available in Harmony Advanced as well ?